Arivale: Your Scientific Path to Wellness

A video and an interactive site explain a value proposition.

Arivale is a health startup that designs a personalized scientific path to wellness for each and every one of its customers.

That’s an ambitious goal. So how do they do it?

We worked with Arivale to streamline its story and develop it into a three minute explanatory movie. Easily shared, the video helps build awareness around this innovative and sophisticated health and wellness service and helps people understand what it is, why it matters, and how it works.

The information-rich animation is friendly and subtly engaging as it takes viewers on a tour through key steps in the Arivale customer journey—with an emphasis is on what’s relevant to you.

Specifically, the company looks at several critical aspects of your body and life—DNA, blood and saliva, gut microbiome, and lifestyle—and analyzes the millions of resulting data points to create a 360º view of you as an individual. You’re then connected to an Arivale Coach who explains your unique data and provides you with clear, actionable recommendations based on your current situation and what you want to accomplish.

We also created a web version of the experience so potential customers can walk themselves through the journey at their own pace.


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"This is really great work. And the music feels spot on—on the first try!!"