Adobe: Performance Reviews Get a Failing Grade

Concept, data visualization, illustration, infographics, and report design to explain research project.

Did you know that 30% of Millennials are likely to quit their job if they’re put up for a performance review?

Adobe recently conducted research on the impact (or lack thereof) of performance reviews in the workplace. After surveying 1,500 office workers, Adobe found the seemingly helpful and common HR practice to be… a big fail. More than half of office workers say reviews have no effect on how they do their jobs and are simply a needless HR requirement! Here’s the spoiler: it turns out that what employees actually want is qualitative, in the moment feedback.

The survey produced some astounding results, and Adobe engaged us to help to turn their findings into a clear, compelling, visually pleasing one-pager highlighting the key findings in a fun and understandable way. Not only that, we designed an entire report featuring the most informative learnings and stats. Each piece is perfect for both internal and external use.

We love working with Adobe and were honored to be asked to collaborate with them on this and multiple other projects.


  • Adobe


  • · Publication design
  • · Data visualization
  • · Illustration
  • · Infographics


  • "On a separate note, Katie has said that this is the best graphical illustration we’ve done to date! We all love how the illustrations turned out."
  • —Nadia Rehman-Murphy, Senior Manager of Executive Communications, Adobe