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Issue #014 / June 2019

Create Space for Storytelling: The Value of the "Outsider" Perspective

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We all wear many hats at Tremendousness, and one of mine is “Consultant / Facilitator”. This label is fairly generic and many of you also may identify, in one way or another, as a consultant (or as a chameleon).

So what does “Consultant / Facilitator” mean  in the context of visual storytelling? Sure, we provide advice and opinions to clients, but the majority of my role is focused on extracting, rather than imparting, subject matter expertise. I focus on finding ways to engage individuals and teams to talk simply, openly, collaboratively, and, of course, visually, about their most complex subjects. In doing so, with support from my Information Designer colleagues who are experts at visualizing content, I am able to highlight and extrapolate a simplified narrative and/or set of key messages from an otherwise challenging jumble of internal subject matter expertise. 

We believe (and have seen firsthand, many times) that the combination of facilitation, content synthesis, and visualization allows teams to more quickly articulate and align around what matters most.

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