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Issue #017 / October 2019

When animation works best: Strengthening internal communications with strategic animated videos

By Bill Keaggy

Tremendo.us/ly effective


Imagine how many times these scenarios play out every day: a CEO or VP sends a long company-wide email with the dull subject line “New product info” …and no one reads it. A Director sends a detailed division-wide email linking to a new process documentation on the intranet… and no one reads it. A Manager sends a team-wide invite to a mandatory training meeting… and half the group can’t be there while the other half already knows what they’re doing.

Too many emails. Too many meetings. The curse of the modern workplace.

Instead, imagine an engaging 60-second animated video that piques employees’ interest in the new product and gives them enough information to understand its benefits, then directs them to where they can learn more.

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