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Issue #013 / May 2019

Visualize the “Elephant” with Live Sketching

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live sketching

You may have heard the Indian fable about six blind men who encounter an elephant. Each examines it in turn. One feels the tusk, another the trunk, and so on. As they share what they’ve experienced with each other, they come away with six conflicting reports.

Each man’s description is valid in that it accurately describes their experience. To the man touching the elephant’s side, it’s a wall, to the man touching the tail, it’s a whip. But none of them capture the totality of the elephant.

It’s a challenge we often come across in business communication. When it comes to describing a strategic vision, a change management campaign, a procurement process, we are, all of us, blind sojourners feeling our way around an elephant. At Tremendousness, we have a surefire way to bring all the parts of that elephant together.

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