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Issue #015 / July 2019

Make your client part of the team

By Drew Crowley

Tremendo.us/ly collaborative


There are seemingly two approaches to working with clients in the creative field:

Approach #1

You tell us what you want, we go away for awhile and when we return, you get the thing you asked for (or something close to it). This is how things magically work in fictional universes like “Mad Men”.

Approach #2

You tell us what you want, then we ask you a bunch of questions. We discuss and draw then go away for a bit. We come back with napkin concepts—something really sketchy and loose. You tell us what isn’t working, give us ideas for things that will work. We go away, we come back, okay it looks better now, but what if we did this or that?, you say. We go away again, the iterative process continues, and ultimately you get the thing you want.

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Storybook cover

The story behind our name

By W. Scott Matthews

The thing I most enjoy about our company name is what happens when it’s said out loud during client introductions, especially to a new audience who hasn’t heard of us before.

“We are joined today by some of the folks from Tremendousness.” The name usually elicits smiles or funny looks—and a few times I’ve seen people pause for a moment, then say, almost jealously, “That is one of my favorite company names ever.”

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Using animated videos to explain innovative ideas and futuristic scenarios

By W. Scott Matthews

Explaining an innovative, abstract idea with just words or data can be extremely challenging. Animated videos make it possible to visualize even the most complex of subjects.

If there’s one thing that the internet and social media has proven, it’s that everyone has an idea or story to tell—or should I say—many, many, many stories to tell if you just have an extra 20 minutes to spare before your next conference call.

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