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Issue #021 / February 2020

Execution is where good strategies go to die

By Drew Mattison & Cynthia Owens

Tremendo.us/ly aligned.


Why? Because there’s usually a gap between strategy (the thinking) and execution (the doing).

Leaders spend a ton of time and money designing a new strategy only to watch as teams pull in different directions, new initiatives take priority, and people become overwhelmed with fighting fires. Predictably, the new strategy never truly delivers on the promise, and, in many cases, simply dies.

That’s because the world moves unrelentingly fast—and so does your competition. So it’s critical for today’s leaders to close the strategy/execution gap by cutting through the noise, accelerating the right work, and aligning teams so they know what to do and can make informed decisions.

Bridging that gap requires an Activation Plan that turns a strategy into an executable plan people can understand. Activation Plans help people align on what the strategy actually is, agree on priorities, and clarify decision-making parameters. It helps leaders and their teams know what to do.

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