Co-creation Alignment Change.

We craft stories through our highly collaborative and iterative design process. Working together, whether remotely or in-person, we leverage your knowledge and expertise to co-create communications that drive understanding and alignment and help bring about change. 

The process of visual thinking helps teams think more clearly, break down complex ideas, and plan for the most appropriate way to communicate with different audiences. This process can be broken down into three core steps: discovery, concept design, and production. A lot happens during these big umbrella phases, but the process is creative and collaborative from start to finish.








First, we use visual thinking and facilitation to identify, explore and distill content—sometimes in an online meeting, sometimes in person. Our unique methodology uses a consistently collaborative approach. These creative forums engage your team, draw out expertise, and build consensus. The Discovery phase helps stakeholders and SMEs to align on the key components that will make a compelling story.


Then we use visual frameworks to create clarity and impact. Three basic visual architectures underlie all well-crafted visual stories: systems, comparisons, and processes. Napkin- and Blueprint-level concepts are the foundation for well-designed visual stories. These visuals are the intersection of journalism and design, weaving rich data into a meaningful and appropriate narrative structure for your audience.


Finally, we bring it all together into one or more elegant and effective communications tools—infographics, presentations, animations, storyboards, and more. The final design and illustration style brings your story to life with creative but on-brand visuals. Visual storytelling creates clarity, injects emotion, and makes things memorable... turning your plans and ideas into action and outcomes.

This co-creative approach creates communication tools that help people understand the whats, whys, and hows that make your brand, product, or idea different—and better.

Over 90% of our clients are repeat customers.

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