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Create Space for Storytelling: The Value of the “Outsider" Perspective

I wear many hats at Tremendousness, and one of them is as a “Consultant / Facilitator". This label is fairly generic.

6/12/19 12:47 PM

visual storytelling, facilitation, questions, consultant, visualization

Why Start with Napkin Sketches?

The blank page is both opportunity and agony. It is an empty canvas to be filled with ideas. It is a barren wasteland,.

5/31/19 1:49 PM

napkin, process, sketch, visual thinking, visual storytelling, drawing

Visual Storytelling Empowers Sales Teams—with Empathy

Start with “why?” Are you one of the 43 million people that has watched Simon Sinek’s TED talk on the golden circle? If.

5/22/19 9:23 AM

storytelling, team, story, visual storytelling, sales

Visualize the “Elephant” with Live Sketching

You may have heard the Indian fable about six blind men who encounter an elephant. Each examines it in turn. One feels.

5/9/19 3:56 PM

business, sketch, workshop, Live sketching, visual storytelling, innovation

Visual storytelling makes research real

Your research is only as good as the visual story it tells

5/3/19 10:57 AM

business, research, education students, science, visual storytelling, innovation

Storyboarding makes big ideas manageable

BATMAN Do you bleed? SUPERMAN (glares) BATMAN You will! They fight. Okay, imagine you were tasked with directing the.

4/16/19 11:58 AM

Storyboarding, visual storytelling

Advocacy empowers people—and visual storytelling empowers advocates

Empower advocacy with visual storytelling Visual storytelling has the power to communicate with clarity and impact, and.

4/11/19 10:01 AM

visual storytelling, advocacy



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