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The value of internships

By W. Scott Matthews

Our interns gain valuable artistic and collaboration experience by having the chance to put their skills to work on real projects.

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5/11/21 1:04 PM

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7 ways to figure things out

By Bill Keaggy

Learning is... kind of everything. At its best, it’s literally figuring out the *why* of something, which often is the most important part. 

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1/30/20 1:55 PM

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Looking at things differently, via bikes & books

By Bill Keaggy

Here are a few of my favorite books—ones that provide insights into how to look at the world just a little differently.

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1/21/20 10:17 AM

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Checklists as motivation

By Darrick Hays

Blog? CHECK. Images for blog? CHECK. Checklists? CHECK! Learn how checklists can be used as a life hack to keep yourself motivated.

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6/4/19 5:24 PM

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5 ways visual stories help organizations grow and thrive

By Bill Keaggy

Harness interest and energy, communicate faster, increase understanding, differentiate messaging, and make work more fun.

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1/23/18 10:45 AM

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