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Looking at things differently, via bikes & books

By Bill Keaggy

Here are a few of my favorite books—ones that provide insights into how to look at the world just a little differently.

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1/21/20 10:17 AM

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Who doesn’t love cool socks?

By Bill Keaggy

It’s been scientifically proven by Harvard researchers that people who wear fun socks are more brilliant, creative, and successful—or at least they appear that way to others.

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12/19/19 1:08 PM

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5 1/2 tips for better creativity

By W. Scott Matthews

First things first: surround yourself with people who inspire you.

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7/29/19 7:54 AM

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Contending with clichés in visual communication: the “idea!” light bulb

By Bill Keaggy

When you need a quick visual shorthand for “idea” or “creativity” or “breakthrough” or any classic “a-ha!” moment, you go with the light bulb. Almost everyone doing visual communication does, and I’ve always been ambivalent about this. Check out my thoughts on this and other clichés in visual communication.

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4/9/19 2:31 PM

icon, creativity, ideas, visual storytelling, light bulb, cliche

He/she applied for a design job. You won't believe what happened next!

By Bill Keaggy

Tremendousness is hiring. Here are a few dead simple tips to help designers stand out in a crowd.

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4/9/15 6:25 AM

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Creativity is a muscle

By Chris Roettger

I’m more often than not labeled as a “creative” (yes, the noun version). Being an illustrator and designer and storyboard writer (to name a few roles I) I’m expected to bring a consistent level of cre

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9/19/13 7:08 AM

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