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The business impacts of multitasking vs monotasking

By Bill Keaggy

The headline is this: Multitasking is a myth. Actually, "It’s a false hope reaching for an unrealistic goal built on a lie." ...if you want to know how we really feel about it.

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4/27/21 10:58 AM

business, creativity, efficiency, process, work, focus, multitasking, productivity, monotasking

The unexpected origins of 17 words and phrases we use every day

By Bill Keaggy

One of the many important reckonings of the Black Lives Matter movement is a reconsidering of the language we use in our everyday lives—and in our work every day.

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9/30/20 10:47 AM

business, communication, Design, racism, language

Infographics help make health & wellness content accessible

By Bill Keaggy

Learn how infographics are valuable in healthcare and can help teach, communicate, and (sometimes) even overcome language barriers.

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6/18/19 10:12 AM

health, Infographics, wellness, business, research, information design, science, healthcare, medical

Visualize the “Elephant” with Live Sketching

By Drew Crowley

Live sketching is a practice that is simple in premise and complex in execution. Learn about the many applications and rewards that yield from practicing the art of live sketching.

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5/9/19 3:56 PM

business, sketch, workshop, Live sketching, visual storytelling, innovation

Visual storytelling makes research real

By Bill Keaggy

Discover how visual storytelling helps make complex data, detailed research methodologies, and results meaningful to larger audiences.

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5/3/19 10:57 AM

business, research, education students, science, visual storytelling, innovation

5 ways visual stories help organizations grow and thrive

By Bill Keaggy

Harness interest and energy, communicate faster, increase understanding, differentiate messaging, and make work more fun.

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1/23/18 10:45 AM

fun, Infographics, understanding, animation, business, communication, differentiation, efficiency, thinking, visual thinking, Design, visual



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