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Markers, murder, and mayhem—the perils of visual metaphors

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We use visual metaphors a lot. They're a powerful way to make a point quickly and many easily lend themselves to fun, illustrative treatments. However, they can be tricky to work with. I recently had to call on past experience to get me out of a sticky metaphor dilemma.

7/22/19 7:52 AM

session, clients, Live sketching, visual storytelling, visualization, metaphor

Beyond words—why you should use visual storytelling for your next big idea

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Lots of us—whether businesspeople, teachers, innovators, or even parents—rely heavily on our words to explain important, complex things. But words alone aren’t enough.

7/18/19 3:43 PM

Infographics, communication, editorial, visuals, Presentations, visual storytelling, visualization, ROI, words

5 quick tips for presenting to clients remotely

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Nothing can guarantee every review call and every project will go perfectly (even flawless, brilliant work!), but there are some things you can do to make it all the more likely.

7/17/19 7:40 AM

clients, presentation, review, critique

Make your client part of the team

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There are seemingly two approaches to working with clients in the creative field...

7/12/19 8:15 AM

collaboration, process, session, clients, discovery, Live sketching, drawing

The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #175

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10 interesting links to end the week.

7/12/19 6:41 AM

The Tremendous 10

Music to work to...

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What's your favorite music to work to?

7/10/19 3:45 PM

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The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #174 (say hi to Maddy!)

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Hello everyone! Tremendousness intern Maddy Mueller here. I’m an illustrator and recent college graduate, and I’m taking over this week to post a (non-exhaustive) collection of my recent inspirations.

7/5/19 9:00 AM

The Tremendous 10

The story behind our name

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The Tremendousness Collective—find out how we chose the name and the meaning behind our logo. We are a design firm that helps our clients and their customers share information and broaden their viewpoints in order to understand the bigger picture and accomplish their goals.

7/3/19 8:27 AM

tremendousness, visual thinking, information design, visual storytelling

The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #173

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Here are the 10 links for this week.

6/28/19 7:15 AM

The Tremendous 10

Using animated videos to explain innovative ideas and futuristic scenarios

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Explaining an innovative, abstract idea with just words or data can be extremely challenging. Animated videos make it possible to visualize even the most complex of subjects.

6/26/19 10:17 AM

animation, video, innovation, visualization, future, virtual



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