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The Cannes Lions, 2013

The 61st Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is happening right now, and that reminded me that I never wrote up my.

6/12/14 9:54 PM

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Eating Well—Feed Your Gut

For the July/August 2014 issue of Eating Well Magazine, Tremendousness was asked to illustrate a feature story called.

6/9/14 8:15 AM

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Working Mothers meet Rube Goldberg

For the June/July issue of Working Mother magazine, Tremendousness was asked to design and illustrate a feature.

6/5/14 9:09 AM

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The Tremendous 10, #4

A Mother Lets Her 4-Year-Old Finish Her Drawings | "At first, artist Mica Angela Hendricks didn’t want her.

11/21/13 11:18 AM

10, The Tremendous 10

The Tremendous 10, #3

Here are 10 more interesting links from the last week.

10/11/13 9:24 AM

10, list, The Tremendous 10

The Tremendous 10, #2

OK, let's make this a weekly more regular thing.

10/4/13 10:36 AM

10, list, The Tremendous 10



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