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Advocacy empowers people—and visual storytelling empowers advocates

Empower advocacy with visual storytelling Visual storytelling has the power to communicate with clarity and impact, and.

4/11/19 10:01 AM

visual storytelling, advocacy

The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #164

Creativity hinges on churning as many ideas out as possible — then taking a break | "Being creative is as simple as.

4/5/19 11:12 AM

The Tremendous 10

Illustration is Not Just Decoration

A brief history of illustration It’s easy to get academic about the history of illustration, but there are already.

4/3/19 5:38 PM


What makes a good presentation?

Here’s the (deceptively) simple recipe I think we all know a good presentation when we see one. Maybe it informs us of.

3/26/19 10:59 AM


Want to explain a complex idea in just 120 seconds? Use Animated videos

Video is moving to the forefront of marketing and communications, and animated videos in particular are proving to be.

3/15/19 3:26 PM

Animation & video

The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #163

A creative person’s guide to thoughtful promotion | "A guide by artist and creative strategist Kathryn Jaller with.

3/15/19 8:54 AM

The Tremendous 10

The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #162

Creativity: The Strategic Necessity You May Not Have Thought Of | "Any strategy, which purports to improve the bottom.

3/8/19 7:45 AM

The Tremendous 10

Visual storytelling transforms ordinary information into engaging data visualizations

What is data visualization? No matter how cutting edge the term data visualization sounds to you, the idea is not so.

3/6/19 2:57 PM

Data visualization



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