Now hiring: Strategist

Now hiring: Strategist


Are you the one on your team always up at the (now virtual) whiteboard, taking charge to guide brainstorming sessions and finding effective ways to capture and synthesize the outcomes into something actionable? Do you try to codify things with pictures and diagrams, and constantly get asked to help with presentations because you’re “the creative one”?

If you have an insatiable curiosity to understand how and why things work, a drive to visually organize ideas so that others can make sense of them, and the confidence to step up even when you aren’t the ‘subject matter expert’, then let’s talk!

Tremendousness is a visual storytelling firm and we need tremendous strategists like you. We create high-end infographics, animations, presentations, and experiences that make complex things understandable and engaging. Send your resume and cover letter to


Tremendousness is a high-end information design firm. We craft visual stories that turn good ideas into amazing actions and outcomes by making complex things understandable and engaging using infographics, animations, presentations, and experiences.


We’re seeking a full-time Strategist—a whole-brain thinker who bridges the gap between client needs and design thinking. Like a consultant, you’re the go-to project leader, building credibility with clients, driving teams to alignment, facilitating understanding of complex content, and guiding the transformation of that content into clear visual concepts. You take genuine interest in understanding how things work and what things mean, and you use this curiosity to frame stories that are clear, meaningful, and engaging to clients. You enjoy the process of learning, collaborating, creating, sharing, and, ultimately, solving client problems.

Working with a project manager and visual designer, you’ll enable clients to innovate and communicate more clearly through strategy and design facilitation, help our account team improve our services through insights gleaned during project work, and help our creative team think differently so that our work is always getting better.


  • Make clients happy
  • Make sense of complexity by constantly asking questions until you identify the root cause of a challenge or core components of an idea
    Be the sensemaker that translates, explains, and organizes content
  • Build strong relationships
  • Actively contribute as part of a team
  • Champion culture


  • Facilitate client conversations and discovery sessions (in person and virtually) to codify project requirements, advance strategic project goals, and align divergent perspectives and uncover insights to further creative development
  • Distill and synthesize complex content and develop written capture documents, content outlines, and narratives that frame relevant stories and become the foundation for successful creative execution
  • Communicate and collaborate with the project delivery team to ensure alignment between sales and execution, achievement of project objectives, and consistency in client experience
  • Identify and articulate new project ideas and support follow-through to contract close—all in partnership with the Account team
    Collaborate internally to develop and improve processes and positively contribute to team culture


  • You work with a positive perspective
  • You use your whole brain to solve problems
  • You are inherently driven and take initiative
  • You are accountable for responsibilities and deadlines
  • You are oriented towards problem solving and comfortable working through issues collaboratively
  • You are motivated to help deliver a successful project and deliver excellence at all points of the process
  • You have confidence to work with diverse teams of clients and coworkers, and have a professional yet authentic demeanor


  • Bachelor's degree
  • 5+ years of experience in related work such as consulting, creative account management, journalism, or teaching
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with close attention to detail
  • Strong presentation and facilitation skills, including in-person and remote experience working with executive level clients
  • Expert skills in Microsoft Office, proficiency with online collaboration platforms like Miro or Mural, basic knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite is a bonus
  • Able to work effectively with remote team members
  • Willing to travel, when deemed safe post-pandemic, to accommodate in-person client needs
  • Location flexible, preference for west coast or based near Tremendousness’ offices in St Louis or Washington, DC—will consider qualified candidates in other locations

Interested? Send your resume and cover letter to

Illustration by Shreya Damle / Tremendousness.