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W. Scott Matthews

W. Scott Matthews
Co-founder + creative director

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Survivors of domestic violence speak out: #WhyIStayed #WhyILeft

It was one year ago today that TMZ published the now infamous “Ray Rice elevator video” in which when the world.

9/8/15 6:00 AM

Infographics, whyistayed, beverly gooden, big mountain data, domestic abuse, Illustration, social, susan scrupski, twitter, whyileft, Company news, elevator video, ray rice

The road less traveled: A life in information design

When I graduated college with my degree in graphic design, I figured I was steaming headlong into a world of logos,.

5/22/15 8:46 AM

career, Infographics, education, Illustration, visual thinking, Company news, Creativity, Design, information design, learning

Four movies I can always rely on for inspiration

I feel a vague sense of dread when people ask me what books I look to for creative inspiration. It's a tough question.

4/22/15 7:58 AM

inspiration, Animation & video, Creativity, film, movies

The Internet of Things...for Advertising

Tremendousness is very honored to have been asked by the American Advertising Federation (AAF)  to create the identity.

12/5/14 9:09 AM

Admerica, advertising, Infographics, AAF, Art, Illustration, process, visual thinking, Creativity, ecosystem

The Elements of a Powerful Presentation

Describing your big vision or telling your company’s story might seem simple—but don’t be fooled, grabbing and holding.

12/1/14 10:10 AM

Art, Illustration, research, storytelling, visual thinking, writing, Company news, Creativity, Design, presentation

Eating Well—Feed Your Gut

For the July/August 2014 issue of Eating Well Magazine, Tremendousness was asked to illustrate a feature story called.

6/9/14 9:15 AM

health, Infographics, microbe, bacteria, eating well, Illustration, magazine, microbiome, nutrition, Company news, fiber, gut

Finding Lochfoot

1/5/14 11:29 AM

illustration, iPad, lochfoot, monster, Animation & video, Art, Books, Illustration, Mobile, Creativity, Design


Last Friday night STL DesignWeek wrapped a great run of events with AIGA St Louis' annual charity art auction.

9/30/13 1:53 PM

aiga books, stlouis, Art, art, Illustration, charity, Creativity

St Louis' favorite backyard games

When people come to visit Saint Louis in the summer, a few things stand out...

8/9/13 1:45 PM

backyard, Infographics, sports, summer, beer, Company news, games, infographic

Hitting restart

You’ve seen the signs. Memory is running low, actions seem sluggish, and simple requests are taking far longer than.

7/5/13 9:23 PM

life, restart, ttc, Company news



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