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Tremendo.us/ly engaging | Feb 2019

How to use infographics in your next marketing campaign

What do you think of when someone says, “marketing campaign”?

The photo of a smiling, diverse group of people under a cliché ad headline? Sure, we’ve seen that… a million times. And hey, the stock pic only cost $300!

Too boring.

The deep, meditative, film-like commercial with the superstar athlete or celebrity? We’ve seen that, too. But that cost $2 million.

Too costly.

Or the “user-generated content” campaign from that Fortune 100 behemoth? The one that backfired wildly when hackers manipulated the entries?

Too unpredictable.

Sure, marketing campaigns can come to life in many ways. None of the above are wrong, they’re just not right for everyone. But think for a moment about what type of online visuals have become beloved, engaging, and oh-so-sharable across social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Are you thinking infographics? If you aren't, you should be—read more to find out why!

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